cr: jo-梦小圆儿_EunHae

140418 Eunhae tour in Niigata:

During ten years when the stairs moved closer, hyukjae patted the space next to him telling donghae to sit next to him and they were both laughing.

at the end donghae was looking at hyukjae but hyukjae purposely turned around and didn’t look at donghae and was secretly smiling


during love that i need, a lot of feathers fell and at the end, donghae helped pick the feathers off hyukjae’s head.
140418 eunhae tour in niigata (via shirade)

of 400 moments where words can’t describe how perfect Lee Hyukjae is.

cr: UpOppa赫海后援站

140418 Niigata

donghae danced a bit of swing and after he swung the towel he wrapped the towel around hyukjae and hyukjae hugged him [掌心witheunhae

140418 Niigata

-Hyuk said today is the last concert day for niigata and fans shouted ‘dame (no)!’ then he said very cutely, ‘sho ga nai… (can’t be helped)…’

-A bit of horseplay during kiss kiss dynamite, their faces were close and donghae pointed his finger at hyuk’s chin


140418 niigata

 hyuk:what does donghae feel about niigata? Hae: niiga… hyuk: niigata! Hae:niiga.. hyuk: ni!i!ga!ta! Cr:宝蓝口味冰

Donghae also pronounced ‘niigata’ as ‘niigaa’ and hyuk was like NO IT’S NI-I-GATA!! Donghae then mimicked NI-I-GATA”

140418 Eunhae tour in Niigata:

During motorcycle “hey what’s up” (hyukjae’s line) hyukjae touched donghae’s neck, then during donghae’s line he hit hyukjae’s chest and then they kept alternating..


140418 Eunhae tour in Niigata:

Donghae danced swing today, swung his towel and then moved towards hyuk and slung his towel around hyuk’s neck like wanting to strangle him… And hyuk struggled (: